Happy Mother’s Day! – maternity photographer

While I’m taking photos of Mom and Dad, their little one goes rummaging through my bag…it’s perfect.  She pulls a squeaker toy out of my bag, squeezes it as any kid would do and scares herself so much with the sound that she drops it back in my bag and takes a few steps away with a terrified look on her face.  She was so nervous about this toy, but still wanted to play with it and squeak it.  It was one of the most adorable things any kid has ever done with that squeaker toy! 🙂

Taking maternity photos with a family is such a precious time for me.  I adore seeing Mom’s and Dad’s excitement about this new life they’ve created and in this case, big sister’s love for her baby brother as well.  She showed me where her baby brother is and even gave him a sweet kiss for me.  I can’t wait to see her with her baby brother in a few short weeks.  I know she will be a wonderful big sister…we will just keep the squeaker toys away!


soon to be a family of 4

mom to be

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