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Have you ever heard of hyperemesis?  It’s pretty rare, from what I understand, though Princess Kate has had it twice now, I believe.  Hyperemesis is when you vomit during pregnancy so much that you can become dehydrated and need to be hospitalized. There are many other awful symptoms that can go along with this condition, and this Momma went through it!  It didn’t even go away immediately after she was born.  That is just wrong.  But this Mom was so incredibly strong, she took it in stride and is already thinking about having another baby when it’s time, much to Dad’s dismay! 😉 After meeting her baby girl, I can’t say that I blame her!  Meet Alice…



pretty in pink


chub cheeks


lounging baby girl


from the shadows


elated family of 3




sweetness all around


baby rolls are my favorite!


classic newborn photo




so loved


Mommy and baby girl


tiny fingers


gorgeous eye lashes


tiny baby fingers


safe in mom and dad's arms

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